Coldstart Transparant
What is ColdStart?

Coldstart is the energy friendly tap collection by Brauer®. A large portion of the taps within the Coldstart collection are supplied with the equally named, ‘Coldstart’, mechanism. Coldstart makes you choose for warm water, which also means your boiler wont turn on unless it is requested. Unlike taps that are not apart of the Coldstart collection, those taps activate your boiler from its neutral position. If you’re not activating your boiler everytime you need water, you’ll end up saving money and you will help the climate by using less energy.

Coldstart is a built in mechanism in the tap itself. The built in mechanism protects you against pointless use of warm water and your boiler. When you open a Coldstart tap in a neutral or slightly different position, you’ll get cold water (this is a protection method), so you won’t get mixed warm and cold water like you do with a normal tap. Your boiler will not be activated. Take a look at the picture above to see how Coldstart works.